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5 Things that Every CEO could Learn from Sourav Ganguly!

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India’s one of the most successful captains and India’s most successful captain overseas, Sourav Ganguly turns 47 today. With 11,363 runs in 311 ODIs, Ganguly is currently the third highest run-scorer for India in the 50-over-format. Sourav Ganguly shared great camaraderie with Sachin Tendulkar and both went onto put together 6,609 runs in 136 matches that include 21 century partnerships and 23 fifty run partnerships. But stats apart, there are a lot of other things that could be learned from Dada, other than Cricket.

Be a leader, not the boss

There had been a few successful captains before the era of Dada began but none before him tasted the kind of success that Dada achieved. And one of the reasons has been, his attitude of leading. He chose to lead the team on his own terms. He led the team to success, he owned the defeats and he stood to his words.

Find the right people

Dada went on to find the talented players from the corners of the country. He found the players that were sheer talent, be it the Captain Cool Dhoni from Ranchi, or Yuvi, Bhajji, Kaif, or RP Singh from the tiny town of Uttar Pradesh, the list goes on! He never settled for less, and he never went with the so called ‘resume’. He built the team and that had the potential to defeat the strongest team like Australia.

Kindle the hunger for success

Before the era of Sourav Ganguly, India would give up easily, we all know this (90’s kids would surely relate to this statement!). People used to switch off the TV when Sachin was dismissed. Dada quenched the thirst for win. The iconic win at Lord’s in the Natwest Series against England is one such example when Team India nailed the win.

Find the true potential of team

When Dhoni was taken in the team, he used to bat at number 7. During the match against Pakistan in Vishakhapatnam on April 5, 2005, he was sent at number 3 and the result we all know, Dhoni hit 148 runs off 123 balls. That match raised the curtains for the era of Dhoni. And we all know what happened next! Dhoni carried the true legacy that Dada left.

Never, Ever, Give Up!

The ugly saga of the Greg Chappel and Dada was that one thing that led Maharaj down. First he was snatched off from his captaincy and then he was thrown out of the team. Many said that it was the end of Sourav Ganguly. But then, he is called Maharaj for some reason. He started from ground zero, played in the grounds like Silliguri, played Ranji and oh boy! scored tons of runs to pave the path of his return to team India. Ganguly’s inning led India to win. Also, his first ODI after two years, he scored the match-winning 98 runs.

And finally, in his last test, Dada scored 85 in first inning and 0 in second and was asked to do the captaincy for the last day by Dhoni.

Dada never gave up and bid goodbye by winning the lost respect that might have been tough for any other player. Of course, I repeat, HE’S THE MAHARAJ FOR SOME REASON!

Anubhav Sharma5 Things that Every CEO could Learn from Sourav Ganguly!
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Sarcasm: The Cost of being a Pseudo Liberal

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So, one day, while riding a boat over the Ganges, I saw something floating in the river. It was an early morning ride, so finding the anatomy of that particular thing was getting harder for me. Later, I found out that it was a condom! I hope by using the word condom, I am not hurting the sentiments of the fellow Indians or Hindus or Muslims or the Pope or Sakshi Maharaja or the Kashmiri separatists or Mahatma Gandhi or Akbar or Kaamdev or Jesus Christ! Also, if it hurts any one of the readers, you know, you should get your ‘extra’ limb laminated for-ever.

Nevermind, so first thought that came into my mind was, “Who the hell gets sex on the Ganges, man? AND HOW? Or is there any mermaid in the river? But mermaids are restricted to the boob-job and blow-job only (At least Disney portrays the mermaids to have the upper limbs with the ‘why-the-fuck-they-have’ fins)?” Okay, leave that perversion scale of mine but still, the Banarasi within almost took the charge and it screamed “I can tolerate anything, be it the tons of poops being discharged in the Ganges, or the cows dancing in the river or the people washing their armpits in it but being a true Banarasi, I just can’t tolerate it. I JUST CAN’T TOLERATE IT! THIS IS SPARTAAAAA…”

I instantly threw my cigarette butt into the river, asked the boat-guy to take the boat toward that floating condom. Clutched that condom, jumped out of the boat, swam to the banks (Fat guys swim faster, thank you science). And then I was running with that disposed condom in my hand asking every single person, ”Is this yours?” “Have you done this?” I was feeling like Sunil Shetty of the movie ‘Border’ screaming  “MAAAA…. SHAKTIII… SHAKTI…. MAAA…”.

Suddenly I got bumped at the group of youths. They saw me with that condom. Apparently, they were like “Ashleelta faila raha hai ye aadmi!” “Beat this guy’s ass up!” “Kill him”. Eventually, they didn’t get to listen to the notion behind the ‘abashed’ act. Blooded, I was walking back, cursing myself and the penis that wore that condom. Few policemen dragged their eyes at me, as if I’m a criminal… Wait.. Am I? Oh shit! In India, the stains of lipstick can get you a divorce and the alimony of 400 Cr only if you have six fingers and eight packs. And then, here I was, with the blood stains on my shirt!


P.S. Writing this stuff while my dad is filing a petition to get me out of the cell and of the property will, and I’m going to swallow that condom down the throat so that I can suffocate and die.

Anubhav SharmaSarcasm: The Cost of being a Pseudo Liberal
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